Workout: Fast and Furious - Beginner to Advanced

Today's workout is inspired by the ultimate car movie, "Fast and Furious 5." Although, the movie was laugh-out-loud predictable it was still pretty good - Again, if you're a car fan. I have to be honest though, I hate watching movies like these! I mean, after watching this movie it's so hard not to feel the want to buy a muscle car, speed on the freeway, learn how to drift, or all of the above. So instead of getting myself put into Jail or the Hospital, I decided that I should probably redirect my aspirations to something else. Thus, leading me to the character played by former Miss Israel, Gal Gadot.

Gisele became the instant favorite of mine since not only was she a beauty, but she was also "The Muscle." She was a tough chick that no one wanted to mess with and even if she knew that she was skilled she would still  push herself to achieve more. Although body-wise she was too skinny for my taste and goals, her tough girl yet feminine attitude gives you something to look up to.

Our workout for today is inspired by her, we're not doing what she did to get that skinny but rather we will try to take her characters mind-set about challenges and put it towards our workout. This workout is fast and a very effective workout if you're short on time but would like to break a good amount of sweat. Depending on how much time you have, you may complete this workout anywhere from 1-4 rounds and you're assured in getting a all over butt kicking. Remember Gisele as you go through this workout, say to yourself "I'm a strong and beautiful woman, I can exceed my expectations!"

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