Healthy Eating is a Mental Disorder?

This has got to be the most outlandish thing I have ever heard!

Apparently, those who are focused on living a healthy life by eating right are now considered to be mentally disordered. In 1997 Dr. Steven Bratman created the name of a so-called "disease" called "Orthorexia Nervosa,"which means "nervous about correct eating." In other words, if you avoid eating foods that are processed, or foods with growth hormones, pesticides, genitically modified organisms, and artificial chemicals, you are now considered to have Orthorexia Nervosa; If you choose to nourish your body with the food it needs to be healthy instead of spending thousands of dollars on medical bills and drugs, you are now considered to have a mental disorder!

Although there has been frequent talks of Orthorexia up to now, the dumbest disease on earth has not been officially accepted to the American Psychiatric Association's  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual since 1997. Meaning, you just theoretically have the disease.

Well guys, I guess i'll be seeing you and a million other healthy people in the psychiatric ward!! .....Where did I put my straight jacket?

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