Workout: The Foundation - Beginner

When I put up this blog I was hoping that I would have lots of time to post something up at least once a day. Well... it looks like I over estimated the amount of time I actually have. None the less, I'll still be posting as frequently as possible!

Since it's been  a week since my last workout post, I figured that I should probably post something up. I was wondering what I should post; Workouts that I'm doing? Good workouts that I give my clients? Workouts for just beginners? I just wasn't sure what exactly I should post up - then I thought of my mother! In my hopes that one day she'll read my blog and follow what I promote, I decided that I should post something for the ULTIMATE beginner. Thus, I put together what I like to call "The Foundation Workout".

Why foundation you ask? Because out of all the new ways of working out and out of all these new "revolutionizing"equipment that promises you results, all exercises are based from just a few basic movements. If you learn these basic exercises you'll be able to perform countless other exercises as you progress in your fitness level. In this workout will be focusing on building your foundation, meaning we'll be working all our major muscle groups, and preparing ourselve for slightly more advanced moves.

On a side note, I forgot to include some ab exercises but you could easily add a few at the end of the workout. (For example, try doing the Absolutely Abs workout without the skipping in-between!)

If you have any special requests or ideas that you would like to suggest I would greatly appreciate it! Leave your comment below and I'll try my best to answer!


F.A.Q.#2: How Many Calories Do I Need?

F.A.Q.#2: How Many Calories Do I Need?

A: Something you should know is that everything you do burns calories. Everything like talking, eating, watching tv, and even laying in bed all day, your body will be in constant calorie burning mode! This means that you have to be sure to give your body the proper amounts of calories for it to be able to run! So the first thing you want to do is find out the number of calories it takes for your body to function properly, which is called your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate )a.k.a your "metabolism". After finding your BMR you will then add a number of calories representing the amount of energy needed for your daily activities, then adjust once more depending on whether you would like to lose or gain weight.
Ha! How I wish I looked like this while eating in bed!

Are you anxious to find out how? Well, there are several ways to find this information. The most accurate way is to get an Inbody measurement, available at Planet Infinity in Quezon City. But if you don't live near the area, or if you don't want to battle it out with the traffic, you can find your BMR with an online calculator or do some basic math calculations yourself!

Here is how you find what your daily calories should be...

Step 1: Find your BMR
This is the amount of calories(energy) needed for proper body function

    •    Women: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)
    •    Men: 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

My Calculation:
655 + (4.35 x 135lbs) + (4.7 x 65 inches) - (4.7 x 23 years old)
655 + (587.25) + (305.5) - (108.1)
My BMR (calories needed to run my body) = 1,440 Calories

Step 2: Activity Level 
Remember that everything you do burns calories, to be able to do them you will need the extra calories(energy) on top of your BMR.
Take your BMR number and multiply it by your level of activity.
    •    If you are sedentary (little or no exercise): BMR x 1.2
    •    If you are lightly active (easy exercise/sports 1-3 days/week): BMR x 1.375
    •    If you are moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week): BMR x 1.55
    •    If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week): BMR x 1.725
    •    If you are extremely active (very hard exercise/sports and physical job): BMR x 1.9

 My Calculation:
1,440(BMR) x 1.55(Moderately Active)
Total Calories Needed = 2,232 calories

Step 3: What's Your Goal?
 For those who would like to lose or gain weight, adjust calories accordingly.

    •    Weight Loss: According to numerous research, 1 pound of fat is equal to roughly 3,500
         calories.  Meaning, you must cut from your diet 3,500 calories a week, or 500 calories a day, to   
         lose 1 pound a week. With that said, there are 3 ways of achieving this.
    • Option #1:Cut 500 calories per day from your diet 
      • This may feel like your depriving yourself
    • Option #2: Burn off 500 calories with exercise
      • This means being absolutely consistent with your workouts
    • Option #3: Decrease Calories AND Exercise
      • Easiest to follow with the fastest results

(2,232 calories - 500 calories = 1,732 calories)
I can still consume 1,732 calories in order for me to lose weight.
  • Weight Gain: For weight gain all you would need to do is add 500 calories a day.

(2,232 calories + 500 calories = 2,732 calories)
I would now need to consume 2,732 calories in order for me to gain weight.

Once you find your number of calories you'll be officially on the right track to your fitness goals!
Again, if you have any questions please leave a comment below! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Calories

It's the first number we look for on the back of food packages, the number you consider to be bad or good food, the number you try to bring down, but the number that is usually kept high. Ah, yes.. It's calories!

If you're like most, all the numbers are giving you flash backs to your dreaded High School math class; It's confusing, It's frustrating, and the only number you understand is your 60% fail grade at the end of the semester. (Ok, maybe that was just me. :P)

In the next couple of posts I'll be putting together some easy-to-understand answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding calories. By the end of each post I hope that you'll have a better understanding on how our bodies work and how you can make it work for you!

I would like to say that I do not, in any way, have all the answers and the answers that I do give,do not come from me alone. I have spent many hours and sleepless nights of studying and researching on professionals, who specialize in certain health fields, so that I'll be able to give you the best information that I can to help you with your goals. What I really love about this blog is the opportunity that it gives us to all learn together. So I encourage, or even challenge, you to stump me with a good question! Trust that I'll do the research so that together we can all benefit from this blog.

Let's start at the beginning with the simplest question with an even simpler answer!

F.A.Q. #1 : What Exactly Are Calories?

A: A Calorie is a measurement of energy. Meaning, whatever amount of calories a meal or drink has, that's roughly how much energy your giving your body.

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