Frequently Asked Questions About Calories

It's the first number we look for on the back of food packages, the number you consider to be bad or good food, the number you try to bring down, but the number that is usually kept high. Ah, yes.. It's calories!

If you're like most, all the numbers are giving you flash backs to your dreaded High School math class; It's confusing, It's frustrating, and the only number you understand is your 60% fail grade at the end of the semester. (Ok, maybe that was just me. :P)

In the next couple of posts I'll be putting together some easy-to-understand answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding calories. By the end of each post I hope that you'll have a better understanding on how our bodies work and how you can make it work for you!

I would like to say that I do not, in any way, have all the answers and the answers that I do give,do not come from me alone. I have spent many hours and sleepless nights of studying and researching on professionals, who specialize in certain health fields, so that I'll be able to give you the best information that I can to help you with your goals. What I really love about this blog is the opportunity that it gives us to all learn together. So I encourage, or even challenge, you to stump me with a good question! Trust that I'll do the research so that together we can all benefit from this blog.

Let's start at the beginning with the simplest question with an even simpler answer!

F.A.Q. #1 : What Exactly Are Calories?

A: A Calorie is a measurement of energy. Meaning, whatever amount of calories a meal or drink has, that's roughly how much energy your giving your body.

Next: F.A.Q. #2 : How Many Calories Do I Need?

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