Workout: Absolutely Abs - Beginner/Intermediate

For those of you who would like to focus a little on getting bikini worth abs, let me introduce "absolutely abs!" For this workout you'll be pushing yourself through the exercises as fast as you can until all have been completed. Once completed rest for 1-2 minutes then go through it again trying to beat the last rounds speed. Complete 2-3 rounds.

By the way, I hope you like the new layout of our workouts! I decided to make the program picture-size so that you're able to grab the photo and just save it to your phone, now you'll be able to do our workouts with out having to write it down! Plus, who doesn't like looking at things nicely laid out? :) To save me some time on posting, I decided to just revert you to YouTube links that will teach you the form of each exercise, this way I can focus more on giving you more of my "client-approved" workouts! Enjoy the burn that you'll feel with this workout!

  • Equipment Needed
    • Jump Rope
    • Dumbbells or Heavy Object 
  • Fitness Level
    • Beginner - Intermediate

1 comment:

  1. Great workout! I tried it and it could totally feel it in my abs! Thanks!!