Workout: The Foundation - Beginner

When I put up this blog I was hoping that I would have lots of time to post something up at least once a day. Well... it looks like I over estimated the amount of time I actually have. None the less, I'll still be posting as frequently as possible!

Since it's been  a week since my last workout post, I figured that I should probably post something up. I was wondering what I should post; Workouts that I'm doing? Good workouts that I give my clients? Workouts for just beginners? I just wasn't sure what exactly I should post up - then I thought of my mother! In my hopes that one day she'll read my blog and follow what I promote, I decided that I should post something for the ULTIMATE beginner. Thus, I put together what I like to call "The Foundation Workout".

Why foundation you ask? Because out of all the new ways of working out and out of all these new "revolutionizing"equipment that promises you results, all exercises are based from just a few basic movements. If you learn these basic exercises you'll be able to perform countless other exercises as you progress in your fitness level. In this workout will be focusing on building your foundation, meaning we'll be working all our major muscle groups, and preparing ourselve for slightly more advanced moves.

On a side note, I forgot to include some ab exercises but you could easily add a few at the end of the workout. (For example, try doing the Absolutely Abs workout without the skipping in-between!)

If you have any special requests or ideas that you would like to suggest I would greatly appreciate it! Leave your comment below and I'll try my best to answer!


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