Update My Playlist!: Do It Like A Dude

Title: Do It Like A Dude (Labrinth Mix)
Artist: Jessie J
Motivation Factor:
Ok, so the video is a little weird and there's something about her eyes that are a bit freaky, so what! She's still rocking a hot body! I especially love this song because I've been known to "Do it like a dude." I love breaking out of the stereotypes that the world loves putting us women in. I mean, Can't we be woman by having some girly moments yet still be able to be strong and hold our own? I recently had a day that was a perfect example of this. One day I trained for 2 hours in Boxing, after I did another hour this time training in Muay Thai. A few hours later I went to get my hair done and had a manicure and pedicure! The ladies who were doing my nails were shocked at my "well used" knuckles, but I was proud. It always feels nice knowing you can take someone down looking pretty!

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