New Category: Update My Playlist!

Hi Everyone!

How did the workout go? If you haven't had the chance to try our Beginners Workout #1 , or you feel that it's just a little to easy for you, don't worry! I'll be adding as many workouts as I can and you can always start wherever you feel the most comfortable at. If you're having a hard time getting yourself to workout, how about adding a little music to get you ready? If you're the type who get's motivated by music, or would just like to find new songs, then you'll love our newest category on Naturally Fit - Update My Playlist!

On Update My Playlist I'll be giving you some of my top workout songs of the moment that get me ready to break a sweat or push me to the next level. I always believe that playing a little music helps in enjoying your workouts, if you're good in finding the right workout songs you can choose songs that have certain motivational words like "We Will Rock You" by Queen or "Step Up" by Linkin Park. Try working out in complete silence and I'm sure you'll realize real quick how important music is while working out.

Let me know what works for you, are you the type that likes to workout in silence so that you can think? Or do you like breaking a sweat with good tunes? Also, let me know if you have any of your own favorite workout songs of the moment - I can always use a few more extra songs on my playlist!

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