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It’s ironic how I decide to make a blog on raw living and fitness on my Birthday, the day that I decide to kick all things healthy out the window in order to have a feel good day. Well, so I thought it would only last a day but it lasted the rest of the week! Needless to say I ended the week and began my weekend by telling my boxing coach to give it to me hard. What can I say? No one’s perfect.
Good news is that I have much in store for this little blog of mine. Before I start posting all the good stuff I would like to start off by just letting you know what I plan on achieving with Naturally Fit.

GOAL #1 - Eating Raw Is Not Just For The Old!
Eating raw food isn’t just for the old who are looking for longevity or for people with disease. There has been countless research showing that eating a diet of mostly raw food has been shown to improve everything from mental clarity to clarity of skin. Have you been wondering how to get shinier hair or how to get more energy? How about focus or losing that spare tire around your waist? Transitioning yourself to a Raw Food diet will help you to easily achieve these things and more!
GOAL #2 - Everyone Needs Exercise!
To put it plain and simple - you need exercise! No if’s, and’s, or but’s! Do you want to lose weight? Exercise. Do you need more energy running around the house after your little ones? Exercise. How about being able to golf better or jump higher or even just getting out of bed without feeling some kind of back pain? Exercise. Do you wish you could just feel happier about life? Yes, you guessed it - EXERCISE!
Everyone knows why exercise is good for them, so why aren’t you doing it?
GOAL #3 - You Are Not Alone! Baby Steps are Bigger Than Big Steps
I woke up one morning coming to the realization that I want to encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle, 2 hours later I was eating a box of cookies deciding not to workout… Nuff said.
Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle is a big step but a challenge we can all conquer. Don’t cut yourself short from your goal just because you gave in, we all have had our days and who are we to kid ourselves into believing that we can start working out every single day with an absolutely clean diet right away?
Real results come from many small goals accomplished over time.
GOAL #4 - Get Inspired
Being a Personal Trainer I naturally love to workout, but every once in awhile even I get caught in a rut. Therefore I hope that naturally fit will be a place to inspire, encourage, and sustain those who would like to start or are currently living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s continue to remember why we are doing this and to never forget that there will always be someone out there who looks at you as their inspiration. Be a role model, get inspired, never give up.
GOAL #5 - Be the Best Version of Yourself
Like my Father always told me, “Don’t be a cookie cutter kid!” No, he didn’t say that because I wanted to bake more cookies to eat but because he wanted me to be different from all the other cookies. Translation: get out of the mold! Stop comparing, stop envying, stop forcing it! Isn’t it easier to be your best self  verses trying to be someone else?  Bottom line is that most people just want what they don’t have. More likely than not, you have something that someone is dying to have. Appreciate everything.
Of course there are numerous other goals and aspirations  that I have for Naturally fit. I hope that you’ll join me in my adventure of expanding our knowledge of fitness, health and spirit. I encourage all who drop by to leave a note or feel free to ask questions as I’ll be looking forward to see what we can achieve together!

- Naturally Fit

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