3 Idiots

I recently was given the pleasure to watch this amazing movie. For those of you who have never ventured out into foreign movies, I'm pleading you that of all the movies to watch this is the one you really must watch!
3 Idiots, produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and directed by Raju Hirani,  was the top movie in India in 2009. In a country were being  at the top of your class is the number one priority, this movie teaches it's young ones (and the "wiser") the most important lessons in life, all by keeping true to its Indian roots. Lessons of love, passion, education, and friendship, you will walk away from this beautifully bright colored movie looking at life with different, refreshed, eyes.  I believe this movie was a big step for not only the Indian movie industry but the movie industry in general! It's been so long since we've been able to see a movie that touches the hearts of so many people throughout the world with a modern moral-or-the-story theme and a dash of traditional Bollywood love. If you want to feel inspired I encourage you to please, please, please, find and watch this movie - with, of course, English subtitles!

Here is a clip of the main characters motto being told to friends in a beautiful, and catchy, song - Bollywood style! Before they all broke out into song this is what was said:
Rancho: "Take your hand, put it over your heart, and say 'Aal izz well'.... I understood that THIS HEART scares easily... You have to trick it... However big your problem is, tell your heart, 'All is well, pal... All is well.'"
Raju: That resolves the problem?
Rancho: No, but you'll have the courage to face it

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