These Girls Are No Suckers!

 While searching through YouTube I stumbled upon this motivating video of the girls from the movie Sucker Punch. I personally enjoyed the movie, although, there's been so many mixed reviews about it  it's hard for me to tell if you'll actually like it. I do admit that the character build and the story is slightly confusing and let's not forget the fact that this movie was really marketed towards men, hence the skimpy outfits and the game-like feel of it all. Regardless, At the end of watching this movie I felt like kicking some major @$$ and that feeling was enough for me to totally love it!

Take a look at this video showing these tough girls preparing for the movie. After you're done watching let me know if you're ready to kick @$$ with me! :P

Favorite Song from Sucker Punch:
I Want It All / We Will Rock You - Queen ft. Armageddon

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