Raw Food v. Eating a Healthier Diet

 Welcome to the first post of the Eat Right category!

I've been seeing a whole lot of people who are either for or against eating a raw food diet, see what I have experienced and decide for yourself what's right for you!

When I was a little girl I had severe asthma attacks and had issues with digestion. As an adult I developed strange allergy reactions, which my Doctor had no idea as to what is was caused by, I was always sick, couldn't concentrate, and my skin was freaking out like everything else. About 2 years ago, I was introduced to Raw Foods and after attending countless health seminars and watching numerous documentaries, I was convinced that this would be the best thing I could try for my health. Once I started to adapt to the lifestyle there was a noticeable change almost immediately. I no longer had any kind of digestion problem, my face started to clear up, I was able to focus better, and surprisingly, I had so much energy!
I was once boxing when a small group of people started to gather and watch me. They all began to talk amongst themselves saying "she's so strong and her stamina is crazy!" Then as my 6th round of training on the mits ended, a woman said to me, "Hey! What are you eating? How can you go for so long and not look tired?!" At first I didn't know what to say to her, I mean, how would she react? Would she even believe me? But I decided to be honest so I told her, "I just ate a salad."  She began to laugh and said, "No, really! I want whatever you're taking!" But when she finished her sentence she saw on my face that I was serious and said, "You're kidding me! What? How? I'd die if all I had was a salad!" Well long story short, that small group left telling themselves that they were going to try eating a salad before boxing. Although they didn't get the moral of why I ate mostly raw foods, I'm glad that they saw something different with me. I'm glad that their comments proved that you can just eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds and still have lots of energy - even more than most!

Ok, before you say "Ugh, not another diet!" let me just say that although I am promoting you to eat Raw Foods, I am in no way telling you to give up all other ways of eating! I of all people know how hard it is to stick with a diet let alone a Raw diet. The goal here is just to get you eating healthier from what you're eating now. If that means you've been eating doughnuts, pizzas, fried chicken, and hamburgers, I'm hoping to get you to eat fruits, pizzas with extra veggies, skinless chicken, and open-faced sandwiches instead. Even if you don't agree on eating raw foods, changing your eating habits to healthier choices is still better than nothing. I'm all about baby steps and taking it to the next level from where you are now.

When I train my clients I always make sure to determine what their real goals are; Are your goals more towards Health or purely Aesthetic? I understand that if I try to teach them something that they have no interest in, or feel is too hard to do, my efforts would be pointless and their improvements will come to a halt or not start at all. I feel that People will naturally come to the best choice when the time is right for them. With that said, the category of Eat Right on Naturally Fit is all about informing you of the different research that is out there. I hope that with Eat Right everyone will be able to find a starting point in eating healthier that is right for them!  Let's remember that we're not going on diets, we're going on a lifestyle change. We don't want short lived health and beauty, but health and beauty that will withstand the end of time.

Naturally Fit is here for you in your endeavor and is wishing you the absolute best! Again, if you have any comments please feel free to leave one!

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